Adam and eve, and the snake funny

  So, God turns up just as Adam and Eve have finished gobbling down the fruit they were told not to eat, from the tree of knowledge. “Have you eaten that fruit Adam?” asks God “Er…yeah…BUT SHE MADE ME DO IT!” – Adam points to Eve, and shifts the blame… “Did you eat the fruit, [...]

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From the new book…Handling conflict

A quick extract about handling conflict from the book I’m working on: A final point of conflict is more internal when we feel we don’t have the resources to move forward. In our vocation we might feel that we don’t have the skills, or personality or gifting to do what we are called to do, [...]

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New book…Bible Exploration into Vocation, Development and Conflict

I’m nearly finished on my college paper, so the next project is to write a book. But before I get properly started on that (its about all age worship and children) I’ve got another one I want to do. This one picks up on the research I’ve done for my final college paper, its on [...]

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new book on the way…Dreams, and vocation

Nearly at the end of my last college paper of 7 years (hurrah!!!) and this one is on vocations.  What I’ve discovered is that our hopes and dreams, personal vocations, purpose of our churches and so on is all almost exactly the same, and the way I have been helping churches and individuals to discover [...]

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Children in worship

This article concerning children in worship – particularly so called ‘adult’ services – on my friend and colleague of many years’ site, Since we discussed it together, and he wrote it first, I have no problem dropping it verbatim onto here!  Enjoy… Whether you are part of a charismatic, evangelical or reformed church, it is [...]

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Worship and our reponse: part two of What is Praise and Worship

In my thinking about worship leading, I suggested that the key part of worship relied on the question: what does God require? (read the article here)  Based on Micah 6.8: seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly, and encouraging one another 1 Thes 5.11 and Ephesians 5.19.  But worship must be directed towards God, otherwise it [...]

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Review of the Heidi Joubert Cruz Cajon

Why get a cajon?  Well if you are setting up a new worship band, then this is a fantastic cheap but quality sounding drum, not too big, and perfect in smaller settings but (if mic’d up) can be used in bigger venues. Hillsongs use them in smaller venues too. We got ours from Heidi Joubert [...]

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What do we do when we don’t think we can praise?

My minister has just got a new gadget.  For want of a better word, it’s a buzzing praise reminder.  Every 10 minutes it’s buzzes to remind him to praise God. The other day, shortly after having got the buzzer, his car broke down, and like many of us he was spitting and fuming.  Then his [...]

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What is Praise and Worship?

Ask a hundred people what worship is, and you’ll get a hundred answers.  Books abound on what it is, and how to do it.  A significant complication arises out of the term praise and worship, and to whom the worship is directed.  It seems to me that on many occasions people consider that since worship [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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